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Thursday, October 13th 2011

The Jim Rome Show Breaks News About Release of "A Good Day To Die Hard"

LOS ANGELES, October 13, 2011 -- Fox Filmed Entertainment Co-Chairman and CEO Tom Rothman called in to The Jim Rome Show yesterday, October 12, to share exclusive news about the future of the Die Hard franchise. Rothman broke the news on air that actor Bruce Willis will reprise his role at "John McClane" in A Good Day To Die Hard, which will start filming in Russia this January and will be released February 14, 2013. Rothman also revealed that a new character will join the fifth film in the franchise, "John McClane Jr." Below are some highlights from the interview. To hear a portion of the audio, please visit

Rome on his Die Hard fan status:

Rome: "This is a Die Hard house. It always has been. If you come into my studio, you're gonna see two things on the wall and that's it. Actually, three things. I've got a show logo behind me. To my right is a Bourne Identity poster signed by Matt Damon. To my left, though, one of my most-prized possessions, a Die Hard poster signed by Bruce Willis. To me, it's not only the greatest action movie ever made, it might be the best movie ever, period."

Rothman on the debut of "John McClane Jr.":

Rothman: " ... the basic outline of the story is that John McClane ends up having to go to Russia to bail what he thinks is his miscreant son out of trouble out there. But it turns out that things are not what they appear. We set up a thing in the movie where the apple has not fallen very far from the tree. And the only guy tougher than John McClane Sr. is John McClane Jr. So that's gonna be a lot of fun. Bruce is very excited about it, and it's one of the big casting prizes in Hollywood right now."

On Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow playing "John McClane Jr."

Rothman: "... we gotta screen test a lot of people so I thought maybe, what do you think we solve the quarterback controversy in Denver. What do you think about Tim Tebow?"

Rome: "As McClane, Jr.?"

Rothman: "Yeah!"

Rome: "I'll tell you what. He's got a huge fan base, they're rabid, they will buy tickets. I mean, he definitely can't be the bad guy. I don't know that he's hard enough or nasty enough to be McClane, Jr. He's not gonna utter any profanities, you know that."

Rothman: "Too nice of a guy. Probably you're right."

Rome: "Yeah, maybe not. I mean, I don't think 'gee whiz, Mr. Falcon' is gonna play. 'Golly gee, Mr. Falcon.'"

On eradicating the phrase "Yippee kay yay, Mr. Falcon" in the censored version of Die Hard 2:

Rome: "Tom, I need to know, has there been any progress on eradicating the phrase 'Yippee kay yay, Mr. Falcon' from the entire planet? Have heads rolled? What did you do with that?"

Rothman: "There has been progress! We got, never mind the FBI and the CIA. You know, we got 20th Century Fox on it. They're about, unfortunately, you know, many thousands of independent television stations in America, and it's out there, but we found it a bunch of places and killed it. We gotta get to the bottom of where it began, and that's been a little's an ongoing battle."

About The Jim Rome Show

Nationally syndicated by Premiere Networks, The Jim Rome Show features one of the most respected voices in the world of sports broadcasting. Known for his aggressive, informed, rapid-fire dialogue, Rome broadcasts live from 9 a.m. - noon PT, Monday through Friday. The program airs on nearly 250 affiliates and reaches more than two million listeners each week. For more information, please visit

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Rachel Nelson
Premiere Networks

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